This article refers to the functionality of the Ortrac Web system. This article describes how to write a new question

This article assumes that you have been assigned as a question writer to an exam in Ortrac. If you cannot find the menus or features detailed in this article when you sign in to Ortrac, please contact the administrator of your organization to add you as a question writer.


  1. Sign in to Ortrac.

  2. A list of the exams to which you have been assigned as a question writer will be presented when you sign in. Click on the exam that you want to create questions for.

    Note: The exam lists are categorized by exam type, so if your organization has several exam types you can change the current list by selecting a different exam type in the menu to the left.

  3. Under the "Info" tab you will see an overview of the exam details for the selected exam as well as the progress for your assigned tasks (writing questions).

  4. Click on the "Questions" tab to manage your questions. The list in this view will show all the questions for this exam that you have authored, but not yet published. Until they have been published they will be considered drafts and will only be visible to you.

  5.  Click on "Write question" and select the question type you would like to create from the dropdown.

    The following articles will show you how to design each question type:

    > Multiple choice (Single correct answer)
    > Multiple choice (Many correct answers)
    >  True or False
    > Extended matching
    > Free text
    > Viva (Oral exams)

    Note: The dropdown list will only include question types that have been selected for this exam.