This article refer to functionality on the Ortrac Web system. This article descibes how to write a Short Answer question.


Create a Short answer question

Create the question

In the menu My Questions or in Database/Browse:

  • Click on the button Write questions
  • Select Short answer option from the dropdown menu

A window appears

  • Write the question, in the question section
  • Add Item A
  • Add Correct response to Item A
  • Add Item B
  • Add Correct response to Item B

Alternative responses

If you would like to have a few alternative correct answers to an Item, click at the star-icon. 

  • Enter all answers, one by one, one line at a time
  • Click Save button

The alternative answers will only be visible if you click at the star-icon.


Click to either Upload from the computer or Browse from already uploaded files/content.

A question can have one or more attachments.

The following file formats can be attached to a question:

  • png
  • jpg
  • gif

There are two ways you can attach an image to a question. The first is to upload from your computer, the second is to work with a library in Ortrac. In Ortrac you have your personal library and a library that are common for the curricula that you´re working in. Images uploaded directly to a question will not be added to the online libraries only the question.

For each attachment you can:

  • Specify a caption 
  • Preview the document in full size
  • Download the document
  • Delete the attachment 

Marking and feedback

In this menu, you can add the:

  • Marking per correct item
  • Penalty per incorrect item
  • Allow negative marking

You can also add Feedback to a question, explaining how to think, correcting the answers to the question


To watch how the question will perform:

  1. Click the preview button.
  2. Click the close button to leave the menu

Save the question

Save: Choose between Save draft (save the question for future editing) or Publish changes (make question available for exams, quizzes, or forms)