This article describes how a student can take a quiz


Find the menu

  • Go to Courses/<course occasion>
  • Go to Quizzes
  • Click on a <quiz>

Start the quiz

  • Click on the button Start quiz
  • Answer a question (click or write the answer)
  • Use the button Bookmark to mark a question to get back to
  • Use navigation panel to the right
  • Change text size to the right
  • (if an attached image) click on the image to enlarge the image

Finish quiz

  • Click on the button Finish quiz
  • in the window appearing, click the button Finish exam

View results

Depending on the quiz configuration, you can get results in the form (no results, just answers, or correct answers)

  • Scroll through the questions
  • (depending on configuration) you can get hits and links to reading material