This article describes how to locate the OSCE menu and the different states for the OSCE exams 

Available to OSCE Exam admins & OSCE Examiners


Find the menu

To locate the OSCE menu, you need to enter a course occasion.

  • Go to Courses/<course>
  • Click on a <course occasion>
  • Go to the menu OSCE

OSCE list

In this menu, a list is displayed with states for OSCEs:

  • Name of the OSCE exam
  • Exam groups (currently not in use)
  • Number of stations
  • Start date for the exam
  • Status of the exam (Draft, Delivery, Grading)
  • Number of examiners 
  • Number of candidates


In this menu, you can do the following actions

  • Create a new OSCE exam, OSCE - Planning an examination
  • Manage Exam Groups  (currently not in use) 
  • Click on a <OSCE exam> from the list and (start exam, continue working with exam, to to grading)