This article describes the form signing process, between a student an an assessor


General info

Students using forms in a real work environment can approach an assessor (without a account in Ortrac. The assessor signs with their e-mail. The student gets their form signed and submit to their portfolio. The e-mail used will be sent to an administrator. The administrator will check the e-mail, if its valid and can do the following actions before adding the e-mail to the common list of e-mails, used at the university/course (approved, reject or changed).

Program/Course Admin

Create roles

Handle list


  • Students need to have an Ortrac account 
  • Have the app (Orzone Forms r Ortrac Scholar) installed on their phone
  • Select a course occation and a from to use (in the app)
  • Hand over phone the assessor
  • Get the form back, filled out and signed
  • Submit the form


This person don't need an Ortrac account

  1. Receives the student phone with the form prepared
  2. Make the evaluation
  3. Select assessor role
  4. Hand over the phone to student

Depending on the setup routine for notifications, the assessor will receive a mail with all evaluations and for whom they have been done, every day/week/never