The article describes how to moderate the assessor's (e-mail address) used to sign forms.


Find the menu

  • Go to Forms menu
  • Select Assessors


A view with the tabs:

  • New represents the assessors used since the previous time the list was moderated
  • Approved represents the assessors who have previously been approved for signing
  • Rejected represents the assessors who have previously been rejected for signing

New tab


  • Click a name in the list of new assessors

Edit with following:

  • Add first and last name (when you usually only sign with an e-mail address, when signing)
  • Possible correct the spelling of the e-mail address
  • Position can be used as a clarification by this user, type AT Doctor
  • Unit can be used as a clarification of this user's location, such as Mölndal health center

Actions buttons:

  • Approve: means that this assessor is approved and all his signatures are approved. This e-mail address will also be added as an approved assessor. This in turn means that these names will show up as searchable presets for those who are going to sign. This will make it easier for the user.
  • Merge: If you find a new assessor in the list but it seems to be misspelled, you can merge this and its signatures with a previous account.
  • Reject: This assessor does not enter the list of approved assessors


Under this tab are the signatures of this assessor.

Approved tab

List of all approved assessors

Rejected tab

List of all rejected assessors