This article explains how to lock a form to one entry per student.

Sometimes it can be useful that a student can only have a form filled out once.

  • Go to Forms/Forms menu
  • Klick button Create New Forms (learn how to create a form read more)
  • In the Form settings menu, select: Evaluation mode = Single
  • Publish the form: Status = Published
  • Save the form

The function that now arises is that in the form all students in the dropdown menu show Students. Once a student has been evaluated, they disappear from the list and are no longer eligible.

Activate the form in the course occasion, for the form to be accessible in a course occasion, for the students in this course: 

  • Go to Courses/<course>/<course occasion>
  • Click the Submit forms menu
  • Click on a <form>
  • Click the Edit Settings button
  • Change the status from Hidden to Visible