This article describes how to create a Progress measure to be used in a course


General information

The Ortrac platform includes a number of features to help teachers and students of measuring knowledge. You can use examinations, quizzes, different types of forms (run by teacher or student), assignments and materials to read. 

To help gather all the different types of results in logical containers, then you can use progress measure. They can collect a number of results in a part of a student's portfolio and name these, create a number of results that must exist and what level / grade these must have for the measuring stick to be approved.


A few samples how to use progress measures

  • Startup in system (connected to form): serves as a simple measure that only checks if the student has actually started using their forms, so no requirements at a certain level.
  • Midterm (connected to forms): : a number of forms, which concern the subject being read and the different levels of knowledge the course requires. These dipsticks can be used for development talks between teacher and student.
  • Final exam (connected to a number of components + final exam): This dipstick may contain the assignments that a student must have done before the course is completed, in addition to examination.


  • Left menu Modules & measures/Progress measures
  • Click the + Create new progress measure button
  • The menu below shows, select which course to create the progress measure for in dropdown menu
  • Click Create measure button

The view below shows

  • Add a Name which describes the measurement
  • The button Published (Yes= show to students/No = invisible to student)
  • Grading scale (Pass/Fail, Pass/Borderline/Fail, A-F, Ungraded)
  • Click the Save Changes button


A new box will appear and here we will put in the conditions that make the measure pass the Pass mark and the student is approved.

  • Click the button + Add Items

Items are sourced from the evaluation question database, select one of the following:

  • Browse database - you may browse the question database directly to select questions to add to this progress measure
  • Browse by form - you may select questions via the forms they're featured in. 

Browse database (select a question)

Browse by form view (select a form)

  • Mark question(s) by checkbox to the left
  • Click add button 

If you select a question from a form you have two options:

  • unconstrained (all forms containing this question)
  • constrained to this form

Criteria to pass

Back at the progress measure editing mode, add criteria's to pass and contraints

  • The field Number of submissions select how many submissions needed
  • The field Minimum evaluation select the levels of the answers needed


  • Count submissions from a specific form (questions in other forms will not be valid)
  • Count submissions with a specific tag only (only questions in forms tagged with a specific tag, will be valid)
  • Count authorized submissions only (only questions in forms and no student assessors will be valid)
  • Count submissions with specific assessor role only  (only questions in forms with a defined assessor role will be valid)

  • Click the Save Changes button to save the progress measure