This article refers to the functionality of app Ortrac Scholar

A goal in Ortrac provides a student with a tool to articulate a certain objective which they wish to achieve within a course at a certain point in time. Goals have a name,  description, and a due date. But more importantly, a goal is connected with a view or filter chosen by the student. This filter can be used to create Quizzes and Forms automatically in Ortrac Scholar.

Goals are listed under each course in Ortrac Scholar.

To create a Form or Quiz from a goal, navigate to the goals page and click on the goal. Then click on "New Quiz" or "New Form". 

  • New Form - Will automatically generate a list of questions associated with the goal
  • New Quiz - Will identify a list of questions associated with the goal, you select how many questions you want and which type of questions should be included, i.e. (Single best answer, Extended matching, etc..)