Control the settings of a form

Role: teacher

Go to Forms/Browse menu  

  • Click on a specific form
  • Click on the Form tab (selected as default)

In the menu to the right Settings, control the behavior of the form here:

  • Name the form in the text box Name
  • Select which course(s) the form can be used in, using the dropdown menu Available for...
  • Select if the form should be visible for students, toggle between Listed(visible)/Hidden(not)

If your organization use tag/tag groups and they have set to available for the event(s) you can choose to let students use the groups for tagging, for each tag category you can choose to:

  • Not applicable (the dropdown menu will not be visible for the student)
  • Available (the dropdown menu are visible for the student, with a choice to use it)
  • Required (the dropdown menu are visible for the student, and it is mandatory to use it)

To Save or Delete the form

  • To save your settings press the Save button
  • To delete your from press the Delete form button