This article describes how to control the forms within i course occasion


General information

Under this menu, you are able to control the visibility for forms within the course occasion

  • Forms is created at the main menu under the Forms menu & control if they should be available for one or several courses.
  • In the specific course occasion, under the Forms/Settings, controls for if the forms is visible or not within the course occasion. (this solves the problem with old versions of the form, still visible)
  • If you were to create a copy of a previous course occasion, the settings above can be added.

Find the menu

  • Go to Courses/<course occasion>
  • Go to Forms/Settings

Settings menu

Settings works as below:

  • (Red) "Add form". Add the form(s) you want to be visible in the course occasion
  • (Green) Checkbox. Batch action. Mark one or several forms and click the button (se Batch action section for more info)
  • (Blue) List of forms. Click on a form to change settings for the specific form.
  • (Yellow) Status. Show status for the form submission, if it is visible for students or the the trusted assessor portal.


Batch actions

Detailed explanation of working with more forms at once:

  • (Red) Control the visibility for student = able to submit forms
  • (Blue) Control the visibility for trusted assessors (hybrid accounts)
  • (Green) Removes the visibility for the form, within the course occasion. (they are still attached to the course occasion, with the submitted data, but without interfering with the active teachers experience = they dont se the old forms in the course occasion.


Note: if a form is visible inside the course occasion (Add form), but hidden for students & hidden for trusted assessors = only visible for teachers/admin staff logged in to the platform (not app).