This article describes how to copy items from an existing course occasion to another course occasion (modules/form settings/quiz/assignments/quiz


General information

You are able to copy items from previous course occasions into the selected one.


For modules, badges, settings, visibility and diplomas are copied.


For forms, all settings for which forms should be visible and whether they should be visible to the student/assessor portal are copied).

This means that for the next course section, the work of getting modules and forms in place is significantly reduced if you have a previous course section that is the same or similar.


Note: If you add modules, visibility is automatically added to the forms that are explicitly referenced in the modules (form constrained). If you have modules that implicit reference forms (e.g. the same question in several forms), you can add which forms should be visible in the course section. The next time you copy the course section, these settings will also follow.


This copying can be done either when a new course section is to be copied or after the course section has been created by going to course section - Settings and clicking "Copy into event). This means that you can copy things even if you have already created the course section. The easiest for the future, however, is always to copy the course section when it is created. 

Find the menu

  • Go to Courses/<course occasion>
  • Go to Settings
  • Click the button Copy into event

Copy items

  • Select an previous event to copy from, dropdown menu Copy from event
  • Mark items to copy, via <checkboxes>
    • Exams (select from list)
    • Modules (select from list)
    • Form settings (Yes/no)
    • Assignments (select from list)
    • Quizzes (select from list)
  • Click the button OK