This article describes how to create an OSCE examination.


Create exam

  • Go to Courses/<course>
  • Click on a <course occasion>
  • Go to OSCE

  • Click the button Create new exam
  • <name> the examination
  • Enter a startdate <date>
  • From the dropdown menu Candidate display, select Full name/Anonymous ID (referring to the student identification)
  • Click the button Save

Create stations

  • Go to the tab Settings
  • Click the button Add station
  • <name> the station

  • From the dropdown menu Type, select between Asserted station/Rest station, for this exercise select Asserted station
  • Select one of the forms created for this exercise, se OSCE - Preparations
  • From the dropdown menu Global score, select which <question> inside the form to be used for global score
  • From the dropdown menu Borderline scale steps which <option> to be used as Borderline step
  • Click the button Save

Repeat the step above to fill your examination with the number of station you need.

Add examiners

To be able fulfil this step, you need to:

  • grant the OSCE examiners access to the Ortrac platform (this means to get an official e-mail account SSO or without)
  • give the the role OSCE examiners
  • add them to the content of the course attended to run the OSCE examination

  • Go to the tab Settings
  • Click the button Add OSCE examiners
  • Select the examiners, from the list
  • As you select them, they appear in a list in the Settings menu

Add candidates

  • Go to the tab Students
  • Click the dropdown button Add Students, and select one of the three options below:

  • Enter the <E-mail>
  • Enter <first name>
  • Enter <last name>
  • Enter <title>
  • Enter a <candidate code> of you set the Anonymous Id option (Important to remember to hand out signs with the ID to the students).
  • Click the button Save

Proceed to add students until the examination is fully populated

Publish the exam

  • Go to the tab Settings
  • Click the button Publish exam

The examination has been activated