This article describes how remove a form from an active module, in a active course occasion with active data from students.

This action will NOT affect results within the module, these results, connected to calculations within the module, will still work, the only thing which will happen to active students within this module, is not being able to see the form

General information

A module is a container which contains items collected with a specific section at a course occasion. Inside the module the items can be connected to form components,, exams, OSCEs, nested modules & assignments which calculates the student result into pass/not pass. 

The purpose with this feature is to hide forms from a student, to avoid confusion, IF the form component calculates inputs from another form, from another module. The result would be that the student see this form again, even though the task is completed.

Navigate to form

Find the menu

  • Go to Course/<course occasion>
  • Go to Forms/Submit Forms
  • In the module selector to the right, select <module>

Change form status

The menu show the form(s) in the module, and in the status column you have an active status link, for forms used in the module.

  • Click the Listed (active link) which you want to hide from the module
  • In the new window Edit visibility in module, select Hidden under the Visibility in module selector
  • Click the button Save changes