This article describes how to copy an existing module into a new one


Find the menu

  • Go to Modules
  • Click on a <module>


The window below opens

  • Click the button Copy module
  • Name the module <name>
  • Click the button Create module

Edit new module

  • Click the button Edit module to keep working on your new module

  • 1. Edit copied components
  • 2. Add components (Exam, Form, Assignment, Nested module, OSCE)
  • 3. Show the status of the module, if it is active or not
  • 4. Control if the components should work with:
    • AND logic = all components need to completed to PASS the module
    • OR logic = one of the components need to completed to PASS the module 
  • 5. Type of grading scale to be used within the module
  • 6. Connect learning material to the module, as information