This article describes how to Short Answer question, via Excel import.


General information

A short answer question can contain a number of questions. Every question, within the Short answer question, can have a number of correct answers, like different types of spelling or similar, like dog, hound and puppy.


Find the menu

  • Go to the menu Question bank/My Questions
  • Click the button Excel import
  • Select the Single answer option from the drop down list
  • Select your <Excel file> from the file browser


Please indicate which columns to import. A stem and an item + correct response(s) are required, The correct response can be several, if you have several correct answers, divide them in a column separated with the ";"-sign. You can also add a title for the question.

  • First row is header (if the file comes with a header) select the button "Yes, skip first row"
  • Import as select Draft or Published
  • Assessment type (mandatory) select at least one from the list (Exam, Quiz, Form)
  • Perform Import the file will be imported

Note: can take several seconds, depending on the number of questions

Excel Structure

Download the attached Excel-file and add your questions, A stem and at least one item is required, as well as one correct response per item. For alternative accepted responses, provide a semicolon separated list in the item response column. 

  • Column A: Question Body
  • Column B: item 1
  • Column C: correct answer 1 (dog, hound)
  • Column D: item 2
  • Column E: correct answer 2 (donkey)
  • Column F: Title, name of the question (the name of the question, inside the Ortrac system will be a represented a number, if you want the stem to be the identifier in lists inside the question bank, simply copy the column stem into this column. This action is not mandatory for the import process)