This article describes the work with course relevant tags, how to create them at a program level and select them at a course level



General information

Inside Ortrac blueprint section, you are able to manage inherited program category tag groups, for each course. Inside a specific course you can see the program tag group, and from that list make a selection to the specific course. The procedure makes it easier to work within the context of a specific course, by selecting tagging needed for the subjects inside.

The functionality is called course relevant tags and is very useful in the daily work with administration of courses.

Create a program tag group

  • Go to Blueprinting/Program layout
  • Click on a <program>
  • Click the button Edit tags
  • Click the button Add category (and name the category)
  • Click the button Save
  • Open the <category>
  • Click the button Add tag (create a number of tags)

Create course relevant tags

  • Go to Blueprinting/Program layout
  • Click on a <program>
  • Click on a <course>
  • Click the button Edit tags

Under the section Program tags you find your created program tag category

  • Click the <category>
  • Select the <tags>, relevant to the course by clicking the checkboxes
  • Click the button Save relevant tags