This article describes how to add students to a course occasion using SSO login

SSO explained

With Single Sign On, often abbreviated SSO, the user only needs to log in once to access and reach all systems they are going into. Single Sign On is a process for user verification that means that the user only needs to log in with the same information once and then get access to several different systems. For example, the user is no longer asked to enter multiple passwords for different computers, systems, and applications during and between specific sessions. SSO can also enable the login to look the same regardless of the service to be accessed.

UPN explained

User Principle name

In Windows Active Directory, a User Principal Name (UPN) is the name of a system user in an e-mail address format. A UPN (for example: consists of the user name (logon name), the delimiter (the @ symbol), and the domain name (the UPN suffix). A UPN is not the same as an email address.

Add a student

The student can exist in the system or become a new user

  • Go to menu Courses
  • Select a <course>
  • Select a <course occasion>

  • Click at the Students tab

Click at the button Add students

  • Select Manual input, if you would like to add one or two students
  • Select Import from Excel/CSV if you would like to add a list of students (list need to contains, First name, Last name, E-mail & UPN in four separate columns). Note: the e-mail and the UPN can sometimes differ!
  • Click Save button