This article will show the procedure, doing a survey to get anonymous feedback, from students

Ortrac have tools to create a survey, from students and their clinical training. The survey can be performed as anonymous forms evaluations, to get an idea level of the environment.


Create a form

  • Go to the menu Forms/Forms
  • Click at the button + Create new forms
  • Add information
  • Add questions
  • Set Evaluation mode to yes
  • Set Anonymous, to yes
  • Publish form and make it available for the course occasion

Check for submitted forms

  • Go to the menu Modules and measures/Modules
  • Open/create a module
  • Click the button + Add component
  • Select Form from the dropdown list
  • Name the component "Check survey" or similar
  • Click button Save


  • Click the component "Check survey" to add progress measurement
  • Click the button + Add items
  • Select Form items from the dropdown menu
  • Mark the form and click the button Add selected items

  • Set Number of submission to 1
  • Click button Save changes

Check the survey

  • Go to Course/<course occasion>
  • Go to Forms/View summary

Remove/hide improper comment

  • Click the Response
  • Click the icon "trash bin" to remove a comment