This article explains how to create a badge, within a module


General information

A module is a container, gathering different types of tasks, for a student to act upon. The different types of task have been connected to a progress measure, which means the module can react upon a student performance. The module combines the measured tasks, into a completed module.

The badge is a way to show the module, with extra information, to the student. The badge will appear as a green checkmark on the student desktop, for each module.

Create a badge

  • Go to the left hand menu, Modules and measures/Modules
  • Check in the list if your module is activated for your course (module name,..,name of your course)
  • Go to the Courses/<course occasion>
  • Go to the left hand menu, Students
  • Select the module, where you want to activate your badge (dropdown menu All modules)

  • A new page shows, click the button Edit module
  • Go to the section Badge Settings


  • Click the button Published to students to Yes if you want the module to be active for the students
  • Show failing gradeYes/No (means the students, at all time, show the module as not completed, until they've completed all the tasks within a module
  • Badge name write a name, which makes sense for a student, (Anatomy, course XXX 3 credits..)
  • Badge description write a sentence to inform the student of the intention of the module
  • Badge color divide different types och modules, into recognisable color sets.
  • Click the Save Changes button

Students page

  • Switch menu to Students (inside the same course occasion), a new column (module) appears, by clicking at a <student> in the Student section and select View Performance

Module details

  • If you like to know how the specifics about the module, click the header (name of the module)