This article describes the way to change an submitted form, with wrong values


Sometimes someone manages to fill ut a form with wrong data, this can be managed at two levels:

  • Superuser/Course admin role level, able to change all forms
  • Teacher role level, able to change their own submitted forms

Find the menu

  • Left menu Courses/<course occation>
  • Left menu Forms/List
  • Click at a <form> from the list
  • Select the Submission tab
  • Click at a <student> from the list

Edit Evaluation

  • Click the Edit evaluation button
  • Change values
  • Click the Save Changes button

Edit Tags

  • Click the Edit tags button
  • Edit the tags from the dropdown lists
  • Click the Save button

The tags can effect with type of occasion the form were used in, of topics, the choices depends on the values added to the program and/or course in the Blueprint section of the program, read more