This article describes how to view and manage your saved drafts.

What is a draft?

A draft is a form evaluation that has been saved but that has not been completed. Each item in the list corresponds to a saved draft with an indication of the progress and which tasks remain to be completed. 


Before an evaluation can be submitted it needs to fulfil the following requirements:

  • All required items must be filled out
  • All required tag categories must be filled out (if any)
  • An assessor needs to be referenced

When a draft has been successfully submitted with a valid receipt from the server , it will be deleted from the device. 

Drafts are only saved on the device. It is important to submit any drafts before removing the app from your device, otherwise that data will be lost.

View recent submissionsClick to see your most recent submissions (past week).

Select course
Shows the currently active course, but can also be clicked to show the course selector and change course.

View profileView your profile and configure personal settings for the app.

Delete draftsClick this to allow individual deletion of each draft in the list.

Drafts grouped by formThe list shows all saved drafts for the active course grouped by form. Click on a draft to open it.

Number of draftsThe red indicator shows how many drafts you have saved on the device.