This article describes how to manage importing and exporting course lists of students who have one or more group affiliations
Attached: two samples, one with SSO and one without 


Find the menu

  • In the left menu select Courses/<course>/<course occasion>

Excellist for import

You need an excel list with the following columns:

  • Efternamn
  • Förnamn
  • E-mail
  • UPN (if SSO login)
  • Grupp(er)

Note: Attached with an example in this article. It is important to note that groups should be comma separated in the group(s) column.

Import a studentlist with students and groups

  • Click the Students tab

  • In the lower right corner of the screen, click Add Students
  • Select Import from Excel/CVS
  • Select your file (or try the example attached to this article)

Now link the columns to the correct selection in the drop down menus above the columns:

  • Last name to Last Name
  • First name to First Name
  • E-mail address to E-mail
  • UPN (if SSO login)
  • Groups to Group(s)

  • Choose to remove header in the Excel file, by choosing Yes, skip first row
  • If you want students to receive an email that they have been added to the course, press Yes on E-mail users 
  • Unknown groups: if the groups do not already exist in the system, you get two choices, create the groups (Create new or Skip if any group you do not want to follow into the import)
  • Press the Perform import button to confirm the import

The result of this is that:

  • Two groups created (A, Lab Group Beta)
  • Selma has received two group affiliations according to the Excel list
  • Pelle has been assigned a group affiliation, according to the Excel list

Export of classlist with students & group(s)

  • On the same Student tab, press the Download Table button

An Excel file is created with all students and their group affiliations

Open the Excel file by, for example, going to the Download menu in your web browser

Sample Excel file

The Excel file contains the two students and their group(s). If you use SSO login add a column with UPN.