This article describes how to organize your tag groups so that they appear in the order you want, both in Blueprinting and in the forms. (same function for Program and Course)

To get the order of aftertags in order, you should do the following. The solution works in the same way, both for program categories as well as course categories.

Hitta menyn

  • Go to Blueprinting/Program Layout
  • Click at a <program>

  • Click the Edit tags button
  • Click on a >Tag Category>
  • Click the  Settings button

A window will open Edit category settings

  • Type "1" in the Sort Index field, if you want this category to appear first in the o list in the aftertags on the form.
  • Click the Save button

The result is only noticeable when you open another category and type two, only then does the listing work. Another confusing factor is that categories that still have "0" in their Sort Index fields, are listed before those that have a number greater than one. Conclusion, number all to get a manageable order.

In forms

To see the results on forms, you see the result in a published form that is run in evaluation mode, only then the order of the tag groups is displayed.

  • Go to Events
  • Click on a <course>
  • Click on a <course occasion>

  • Click the Forms/Submit forms
  • Click on a <form> in the list

Here are the tag groups that we organized, in the right order