The article describes how to specify at the application level the roles/actors that can be selected to sign a form.


Standard roles

When signing forms, there are a number of choices the student can choose to sign. The default roles that Ortrac has by default are:

  • Teacher
  • Supervisor
  • Student
  • Other
  • Anonymous

Find menu

  • In the left menu select Blueprinting/Program layout
  • Click on a <program>
  • Click the Form Assessor roles button

Create a new role for signing

  • Click the Add Role button

    Type the name of the new role you want to create

    Tap the Save button

Note: The Anonymous role does not ask for emails. If you remove the role and want it back again, you have to create a new role and name it Anonymous again, with exactly this spelling.

Remove a role

  • Click the X on the role in the list that you want to remove. 
  • Tap the Save button