This article describes how to change the way that someone accidentally gets two email addresses into their login

If you accidentally, via import or if a student changes your e-mail, enter two e-mail addresses, this should be remedied as reset of passwords no longer works, as the system interprets the entire text as a text string and not a correct e-mail address.

Action 1: (student changes if password is available)

  • Log in to the Ortrac system ( with the entire address consisting of both e-mail addresses and any characters in between, see example;
  • Enter your password
  • Go to the left menu, marked with a user icon and your username
  • Select the Settings menu

If you would like to change your email address or password, please enter your current password. Please note that your new email address will be used for both communication and login.

Enter your new email address in the Email text box

Enter your Ortrac password in the Currect password text box

Click the Save Changes button to confirm your change

Action 2: (if password is missing)

  • Contact your administrator and ask them to change the e-mail address of the one you are going to use, only one
  • Orzone needs to do the following: Orzone Tools / Browse Database / Users (search for e-mail) edit e-mail