This article describes how to create a module, for an event.

A module is a container which contains items collected with a specific section at a course occasion. Inside the module the items can be connected to form components,, exams, OSCEs, nested modules & assignments which calculates the student result into pass/not pass. 


How to create a module

Find the menu

  • Go to Modules

A menu shows:

Create the Module

  • Click the button Create new module
  • Dropdown menu select which course the module should be added to

  • Give the module a name in the Name field
  • Select which type of Component operator the module will use, And or Or
  • Select which type of Grading Scale, select Pass/Fail
  • Click Save Changes button.
  • Refresh the window to update the data.

A new section shows

  • Click the + Add component drop-down button and select Exam, Progress measure or Assignment
  • For this exercise select Exam

  • Name the component "Exam 2021 june"

  • Create another one and call it "Exam 2021 resit"
  • Go back and change the Component Operator to Or
  • Click the Save changes button

Connect a real item to a module

Find the items

Find an event to add a module to:

  • Go to the left-hand menu Events/<course occasion>
  • Click the Add Module button to active the module in the course occasion
  • Select which one from the drop-down menu

Connect the items

Now it's time to connect a component inside the module to a real item for a student.

  • Go to the line with Exam 2021 June and click on the text Pick Exam(or Progress measure)
  • Select the real item to connect from the dropdown list

The result is visible in the module, the Component is connected to a real exam with results.

  • Click the button Published to students to Yes if you want the module to be active for the students

A new window appears, settings representing how the module will be displayed to the students

  • Show failing gradeYes/No (means the students, at all time, show the module as not completed, until they've completed all the tasks within a module
  • Badge name write a name, which makes sense for a student, (Anatomy, course XXX 3 credits..)
  • Badge description write a sentence to inform the student of the intention of the module
  • Badge color divide different types och modules, into recognisable color sets.
  • Click the Save Changes button

Students page

  • Switch menu to Students (inside the same course occasion), a new column (module) appears 

Module details

  • If you like to know how the specifics about the module, click the header (name of the module)