This article explains how to import evaluation questions, using an Excel file
You must have one Rating Scale before you do the import, as the questions need to be linked by Rating scale ID, during the import.



Excel import of this query form

The evaluation question can be used, for example, EPA questions & can be used in different ways in construction of forms.


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  • Go tol Forms/Questions
  • Under the My Drafts tab, click the Excel Import button

Structure of imports

Import of Evaluation questions works as follows:

  • Stem (which is the actual issue)
  • Item Rating scale (The ID number of an already created rating scale)
  • Title (this is the actual name of the Evaluation query, as it is listed in the database)

These are the columns that you should have in your excel file. Attach your Excel file's columns to the correct type, as shown in the image below:

  • For column A select Stem
  • For column B select Item rating scale (to find the correct Rating Scale ID, go to Forms/Rating Scale, find the Rating scale and add the ID to the Excel column Item rating scale)
  • For column C select Title (not necessary for the import, but you can use the name from the Stem)


Graphical user interface, text, application

Description automatically generated


  • Choose whether you have a header or not in your Excel file. (if Yes, skip first row, the header is removed)
  • Choose if you want them as Draft (your personal area) or if they should be Published directly to the common area.
  • You also get a number of questions regarding tagging, more or less or none at all depending on how the account is set up.
  • Available for... select which course(s) the question should be available for
  • Press the Perform Import button to import the queries

Find Rating scale ID

If you have problems finding the ID of the Rating Scale, during the preparation of the Excel file, follow these instructions:

  • Go to Forms/Rating scale
  • Select the Rating scale ID you like to connect to the questions, marked in green, in picture


Sample file

As an attachment to this article, there is an Excel file that is prepared to import EPA descriptions as an example. Clean up the file and add your own questions (and replace the number in  the rating scale column, to your own rating scale ID)