This article refers to the functionality of the Ortrac Web system. This article describes how to create sorted or randomized order of options within a question



General information

By default, a question is created with randomization turned on.

This improves the security of the exam delivery and solves the problem bias related to the index of the correct answer in Multiple Choice (Single Correct Answer) and Extended Matching questions. 

The combination between settings for a question, in relation with settings for exam:

  • SBA allow randomization of options x randomized exam = SBA options: randomized
  • SBA prevent randomization x randomized exam = SBA options: NOT randomized 
  • SBA allow randomization of options x sorted exam = SBA options: NOT randomized 
  • SBA prevent randomization x  sorted exam  = SBA options: NOT randomized 


There are some questions where randomization is undesirable. For example, an SBA with the following options: 

  • 10%
  • 15%
  • 20%
  • 30%
  • 50%


  • Answer A
  • Answer B
  • Answer C
  • Answer A and B are both true
  • Answer B and C are both true


If you are writing a question where the order of the options has relevance, make sure that you prevent randomization. 

  1. Go to Question bank/Browse
  2. Click on the <question> from the list
  3. Click the button Edit Question
  4. Click the button Prevent randomization
  5. Click the button Save and select Save (not Save Draft)


If the question is used in an exam that is configured to use "Sorted" question order, options will not be randomized. If you choose "Randomized" the questions will be in a ramdomized order, for the student, unique order for every student.

  1. Go to Courses/<course occasion>
  2. Go to Exams
  3. Click an an <examination> from the list
  4. Click the button Randomized or Sorted, under the section Question Order
  5. Click the button Save