This article refer to functionality on the Ortrac Web system. This article explains how to create a MCQ question with many correct answers

1. Create a Single best answer question

  1. Go to the menu Question bank/My questions


  1. Click on Write Question 
  2. Select Multiple choice (many correct answers)


A window appears

For this question type, several of the provided answer alternatives can be correct. Remember to mark which alternatives are correct and to provide the details for how correct and incorrect answers should be valued in the final marking of the question.

Write the question body in the text editor. The editor supports rich text format (bold, italic, underline, etc...) and copy/paste operations.

If you wish to add an image to the question click on "upload" in the "Attachments" section or "browse" if you have an image already stored in your Ortrac image bank.  


Provide a number of answer alternatives. 

  • Write the answer alternatives in the provided option slots. 
  • Mark correct answers as such in the "correct?" column.
  • Click  "Add option" to add more answer alternatives.
  • To remove an option, simply click on the trash bin icon next to the option you wish to remove.
  • "Allow randomization" means that the answer alternatives will be presented in a random order to the candidate. This is the recommended and default setting.
  • Marking

    • Enter the number of points that each correct alternative (item)  is worth.
    • Enter the number of penalties (negative) points that each incorrect alternative (item) is worth
    • "Allow negative marking" means that the aggregated points for the whole question can be negative.

Click Allow randomization to open up for options to be randomized during exam delivery


Click to either Upload from computer or Browse from already uploaded files/content.

A question can have one or more attachments.

The following file formats can be attached to a question:

  • png
  • jpg
  • gif

There are two ways you can attach an image to a question. The first is to upload from your computer, the second is to work with a library in Ortrac. In Ortrac you have your personal library and a library that are common for the curricula that you´re working in. Images uploaded directly to a question will not be added to the online libraries only the question.

For each attachment you can:

  • Specify a caption 
  • Preview the document in full size
  • Download the document
  • Delete the attachment 

Save: Choose between Save draft (save the question for future editing) or Publish changes (make question available for exams, quizzes, or forms)