This article refer to functionality on the Ortrac Web system. This article explains how the review function of a question works


Why Review items

to keep a high quality + security reasons, questions need to be reviewed.

Go to Review menu

Go to the menu Question bank and select Review

Include/Exclude filters

On the right-hand side, you have two sections Include/Exclude filters.

If you would like to narrow the questions to review, use the include filter and select one or several items from the list.

  • Choose Topics
  • Go to the Topics dropdown list and select one or several topics (we review list will narrow down)
  • Now you can go on and start to review the questions from your selection

Main Review Window

The window contains four tabs:

  • New (not reviewed questions)
  • Edited (in the review process, edited and need to be looked at again
  • Flagged (list with questions, marked for review, no action taken yet)
  • Approved (questions which have been approved)

Review process

Click at a question within the list to open it for review. In the Review menu section, you have the following controls:

  • Approve question button, marks the questions as approved, and will be transferred to the Approved tab
  • Delete the question button, which means a question will be archived and will not be able to be view in the system again. You can leave a comment on this action.
  • Flag button, means you send back the question to the author. You can leave a comment as to why the question needs review. The action will appear in the History section of the question, menu to the right.
  • Next question button, move to the next question inside the New tab list

Edit question

If you have the correct rights, you can edit the question yourself, using the tools listed below:

  • Question banking - all options to edit tags, question belongs to, which state, quiz/exam/formative
  • Edit question - edit the content of the question
  • Marking and feedback - rationalises and points
  • Preview question  - view the question in its current state