This article refer to functionality on the Ortrac Web system. This article descibes how the different types of questions work.



Ortrac contains a number of question types, their functionality is described in the sections below. All questions can be tagged, can have marking and feedback connected, images attached with image text. 

If you write a question it ends up in your personal section of the question bank, your Drafts. If you publish the question it appears in the common database, for your organization, meaning all can use the question, but you have your name attached to the question as Author (also searchable).

Question types:

SBA question (single best answer)

Function: select one of the provided answer options.

True/False question

Function: for each statement mark whether it is True or False.

EMQ question

Function: Mark each statement with the answer option that best matches the statement. The answer options will be displayed when a statement is clicked.

Short question answer

Function: simply type your answer as a word or sentence, you can have different spellings as correct answer.

Essay question

 Function:  simply type your answer as a sentence or more, you can control the number of words or characters. This type of question will need to have teachers (create judgement from attached correct answers guides attached to the question) attached to the postprocessing to look at correct answers

Multiple choice (many correct answers) 

Function:  select one or more of the provided answer options.