This article refer to functionality on the Ortrac Web system. This article explains how to write an MCQ (multiple answers type) of question. The question in the article consist of question stem, 5 options, 3 correct answer and 1 attached image.

Select question type

  • Go to the left hand side menu, to the menu Question bank - My questions menu:


  • Click on Write Questions button and Select Single best answer

Write the content of the question

1. Add the text below (question stem) to the field Question: 

"Choose the bones found in the hand of a human?"

2. Add the options below to the fields under the section Option:

  • Option A: Triquetrum
  • Option B: Hamate
  • Option C: Scaphoid
  • Option D: Tibia
  • Option E: Femur

3. Mark the correct answer by clicking o the correct(s) checkboxes under the column Correct?

click on radiobutton A, B, C

4. Randomization button: Keep the Randomization button marked (this means the options will be randomized placed for every user, o protection for cheating)

5. Add a image to the question (find a hand of a skeleton on internet) by clicking o n the "Upload" button under Attachment (use any type of image with the format jpg, png)

Save, Preview and Publish

1. Save the question by clicking the Publish changes button (the question has been added to the database)

2. Press the Preview Questions button the the very right

3. (Optional.) If you would like to add the question to an event, go the menu to the right side screen and click the button Submit questions.

A window appears, if you're sure, you want to add these questions to the official event, press Continue