This article refer to functionality on the Ortrac Web system. This article descibes how to write an VIVA question

Go to menu Question bank/My Questions or in Database/Browse:

  • Click on the button Write questions
  • Select VIVA

Sample question:

Information for Candidate

  • Theme: Explanations
  • Patient Details:
    • Name Mrs ……………………...
    • Age 40 (DoB ………………..)
    • Gender Female
    • Occupation Accountant
    • Relevant Social History Non-smoker, non-drinker
    • Relevant Medical History Fit patient with no relevant medical history
    • Relevant Dental History Regular attender, but nervous about receiving treatment
  • Information about scenario
    You have taken over this patient’s care from a colleague in general dental practice. She
    has been booked for root canal treatment of the upper left central incisor. There is post
    and crown but no root canal filling in the tooth which has developed a labial discharging
    sinus. A radiograph has been taken and is shown below.

At this station
Listen to the patient’s history and then explain the nature of the intended procedure.

Marking Schedule

Theme: Explanations

Topic: Repeat root canal treatment

Information Gathering


  • Listens to history and elicits relevant points
  • Realises that the patient is apprehensive
  • Realises patients reluctance but not resistance to receive further RCT

Not competent

  • Does not obtain all of history
  • Does not notice apprehension
  • Does not realise misgivings towards further RCT

Grade: Outstanding / Good / Satisfactory / Unsatisfactory / Poor / Bad

  • Click on the Safe Draft button (drop down)
  • Select Save Draft (if you want to come back and work a bit more) or Publish button (if the question is ready for the common database)