This article refer to functionality on the Ortrac Web system. This article explains how to use tags.


Tag questions

You can create groups of tags and, sub groups of tags. Within these groups add tags as you see fit. You can use them however you need to. You might want to create a comprehensive tagging structure to organize all your items(questions, exams, quiz, forms), or you might just need a few tags as a lightweight way to identify a few questions

Role(s): Exam Admin or Question Writer

Add tag category

  • Click on the menu at the left hand side menu, Question banks/Tags 
  • Click Add category
  • Write Topics in the field Name
  • Click Add category button

Add group of tags

  • Click Add tag
  • Write Alphabet in the field Name
  • Click Add add button
  • Click Add tag
  • Write Numbers in the field Name
  • Click Add add button

Finished group with tags

Tag a question

  1. Click on the menu at the left hand side menu, Question banks/Browse
  2. Click on a question in the question list
  3. Click the button Question banking

  • Add the Anatomy as a tag, simply by printing the name
  • Add kidney as tag number two
  • Press the button Save Changes

Search via tags

  • Click on the menu at the left hand side menu, Question banks/Browse
  • In the right hand side menu, go to the field Include/Tags and add the Anatomy
  • The list will show one question, the question with this tag, see image below

Tags - subcategories

If you would like to create a subgroup of tags, you simply follow the example below:

  1. create a tag Vessels
  2. create a tag Artery 
  3. create a tag Vein
  4. drag-drop the Artery tag under Vessels 
  5. drag-drop the Vein tag under Vessels

Note: if the drag-drop function does not work, try and refresh the page

Tag a question via subcategory tags

If you would like to use the Artery tag, under Vessel subcategory tag, Simpy opens Question banking in the Edit mode of a question. Go to the Anatomy field and write "V" a few choices appear, if you would like to look at which alternatives you have under vessels, click on the arrow icon, to the right at the Vessels row.