This article will give you an introduction to the Ortrac Blueprint module. 


General information

The Ortrac Blueprint module can be used as a stand-alone product but can also co-exist with other modules from the Ortrac software family. The stand-alone product can be used to structure advanced education with programs and courses.



  • Blueprint: The name of the module, also refers to the construction term, blueprint meaning, creating a structured education with documented outcomes, mapped from program to course.
  • Tagging: marking components in the system, used as a tool for filtering data
  • Outcomes: wanted results from a program or from a course
  • Map outcomes: connect program outcomes to a specific course outcome
  • Program overview: a list of all the courses connected to a program, with course code, name, and credits.
  • Program outcomes: a matrix with courses in a program
  • Course outcomes: course outcomes structured in relevant groups
  • Dashboard: an overview with different graphs representing the ongoing blueprint work
  • Reports: a service for producing Excel reports of the Blueprint results, different reports can be created depending on the stakeholder
  • Stages: Groups do define different stages of the education (basic, advanced..), made for grouping of semesters

Program versus Course


Program Tasks

  • Setup program outcomes
  • Setup Tag groups for the program
  • View dashboard
  • Export reports

Course Tasks

  • Setup course outcomes
  • Setup Tag groups for the course
  • View Dashboards
  • Map course/program outcomes


  1. Open a browser
  2. Go to
  3. Login with user id/password


  • Go to the menu Blueprinting

The module has been divided into the following menus:

  • Dashboard
  • Map outcomes
  • Program layout
  • Reports