This article refers to functionality on the Ortrac Web system,  and explains how to create an Extended Matching question

The question body is a lead-in statement that should clearly instruct the candidate to match the answer alternatives with the provided items. An item will usually be a description or a statement. Each answer alternative can only be matched to one item.

Write the lead-in statement in the text editor. The editor supports rich text format (bold, italic, underline, etc...) and copy/paste operations.

If you wish to add an image to the question click on "upload" in the "Attachments" section or "browse" if you have an image already stored in your Ortrac image bank.  


Provide a number of answers that the candidate can select from to match with  

  • Write the answer alternatives in the provided option slots. 
  • Click  "Add answer" to add more answer alternatives.
  • To remove an option, simply click on the trash bin icon next to the option you wish to remove.


  • Provide items that match the answer alternatives.
  • Make sure to indicate which answer alternative each item matches with.
  • Click "Add item" to add more items.


  • Enter the number of points that each correct alternative (item)  is worth.
  • Enter the number of penalties (negative) points that each incorrect alternative (item) is worth
  • "Allow negative marking" means that the aggregated points for the whole question can be negative.

Save draft
The question will automatically be saved as soon as something is written in the Question editor. Clicking on "Save draft" will make sure the most recent changes are saved and will take you back to the overview of all your draft questions.