This article refers to the functionality of app Ortrac Scholar

This page is opened immediately after the form has been completed or if the result has been opened again from a specific form's list of results. Note that forms are automatically saved when they are completed. To close the form result click the "close" button at the top right of the screen.


The result can be deleted at any time by clicking the "Delete" button. This will prompt a message asking if you really want to delete the form, answer accordingly.


The form can be submitted only when it has been signed, in which case the button will be enabled. The result will be submitted immediately after the button is clicked. If the result was successfully submitted, it will be removed from the device. Submitted forms can be viewed in Ortrac. If the app fails to submit the result a message box will be prompted and the Form result will be closed but not deleted. Check your internet connection and try again if the submission fails.


A form result can be tagged to provide context. Note that this is a setting that may or may not be enabled for your course. The list of available tags can be opened by clicking the tag button in the list footer. The list footer is shown when the list is scrolled upward. 


A form result must be signed before it can be submitted. To sign the result scroll the list of answers upward until the list footer is opened, then click the "Sign" button.