This article refers to the functionality of app Ortrac Scholar

Course list 

All courses where you are enrolled as a student will be shown in this list. The courses are sorted by the organization or university providing the course. The organization or university is represented with a logo at the top of each section. If all your courses are from the same organization there will only be one section with a logo at the top of the list.

Refresh profile

To update the list and your profile information drag the list down until the reload icon and label appear at the top of the list. Each course instance shows the name and short name for the course and the number of goals you have setup in the course. Click on a course button to navigate to the course's main page.

Your list of courses is displayed and selectable on the "My profile" page which is the first page shown when signing in. 

Can't find your course?

If your course is not listed:

  • Refresh your profile by dragging the course list downward until the "Reload" icon appears
  • The course might not yet be published in Ortrac. Typically your course administrator will be responsible for updating this information.
  • The course may have ended.

Note! Only Ortrac users with at least one student profile (i.e. one registered course as a student) will be able to sign in to the app.