This article refers to the functionality of app Ortrac Scholar & describes the menu Profile


The My Profile page shows basic information such as name and email of the current user, as well as his or her list of courses.  To access the settings menu click the red bar with the profile picture at the top of the page.

Messages and notifications

Your number of unread messages and notifications is available in the header along with the number of unsubmitted results on your device. Messages and notifications cannot currently be read in the app, however the link can be clicked and will open your default browser to that page. If you are logged in to Ortrac (in your browser) the message or notification page will be shown immediately. 

Tip! Next time you sign in to Ortrac, check the "Remember me" checkbox.

Unsubmitted results

This link shows the number of unsubmitted results (Form and quiz results) currently on your device. Click the link to open the page with "All Results". The same page can be accessed by clicking the bottom right menu button labeled "Results".