This article refers to the functionality of app Ortrac This article describes how to create a Rating scale to be used in an Evaluation question/Assignment

Rating scales

Go to the left hand side menu and select the menu Forms/Rating scale


A menu open with previously created rating scales


Create new

Click the button Create new

An editor for rating scale opens, four main actions to perform:

  • Type name
  • Select which type Ordinal/Interval
  • Add Categories
  • Save


Edit headings

If you want to control eaxh heading, click on the gears-button to the right


Ordinal rating scale

Ordinal means, in order, Add Categories:


Interval rating scale

Discrete categories

Interval means, on groups, Add Categories:


Numeric value

If you want to create a rating scale with sliders


Save Rating scale

Press Save button and select which status the form should have.

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