This article describes how to take an exam, as a student, in the Ortrac platform

Start examination

Go to exam center & an Start pad:

  • Open a web browser
  • The link to reach exam:
  • Candidate code: (distributed to the student before exam) or first part of e-mail
  • Exam code: (distributed to the student before exam) 
  • Start code: 12345
  • Press the button Start

Take examination

  1. Question navigation (right), click on a number to go to the question
  2. Question stem (top & left-hand side) The very question
  3. Question options, (below the stem) by marking option(s) you have answered the question. The answer is saved. As soon as a question is answered the result is downloaded to a central database to avoid data loss. It's for your own safety.
  4. Bookmark; a personal remainder, does not affect the result of the question
  5. Timer: toggle timer (on/off), shows the individual time you got left
  6. Font size, increase/decrease
  7. Network connection means you got working wifi, if not, reconnect to the internet.
  8. Clear response; remove the answers in the active question
  9. Finish exam button, stop the examination (you get a notification before you actually quit the exam)

Submit answers? The answers will be stored in the database as soon as you answer a question

Go back to a question? you can answer a question & edit your answer, as many times as you want, within the duration of the active examination.

Finalize the examination

  • Press the button Finish
  • Logout from the system
  • Submitcode: (delivered to student, from Invigilators, at site)
  • Leave your station
  • Show your identification to check out


  • You need access to the internet (computer center/mobile wifi)
  • An ordinary computer(pc/mac) connected to the internet in a web browser
  • ORTRAC requires as much data traffic as an ordinary online newspaper
  • Check your computer at
  • Login details will be handed to you on the day of the event
  • All data will be stored at all times, a finished question cannot be lost
  • Every participant have their own duration, as long as the center is opened, you can use
    your entire duration of the event
  • Press “uncertain” answering a question = only a bookmark, nothing else
  • Extra account, if you cant enter the exam, you can always require an extra account
  • Translations, if you enter an examination with multiple languages, all users can toggle
    back and forth between these languages
  • Security, all questions will be randomized, as well as the options, meaning every participant
    has a unique, traceable order of their examination delivery
  • Important to have proper society solutions for medical questions during the examination