This article describes the different items needed to be sorted at a course level to deliver examinations.


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Course occasion creation

  • A course occasion can be created through API calls, from It department, it creates a course with populated with students.

Course content

Go to Courses/<course>/<course occasion>

Go to Settings

Click at the Copy Content from previous <course occasion>

Course tags

Need to create Course tags in the Blueprinting module,, if needed

Course tags to be created in two different ways


  • Create groups to prepare for exams, usually 2-3 occasions (= 2-3 examinations, Examgroup_1, Examgroup_2...)
  • routine for old students with obsolete course ids will be handled at the IT department, by adding them to a tag group called XXXXXXXXXX 

More info: Create a group 


Create centers to manage exams, more info: Create center(s)

Grading scale

Create the grading scale, 0-9, for an exam, go to the Exam, Info page.


guidelines how to use modules, more info: Create a module


How to assign roles:

  • Go to Users
  • Click at the button Add Users
  • Add information about the new user and under privileges, select:
    • course manager
    • teacher
    • question writer
    • invigilator

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