This article describes how to assign an assessor as a student and dedicate verified assessors to specific students, within a course occasion


Students assign access to assessor


If you need to get an "on the fly" assessor to sign your form or view your portfolio during the practical training, the student can invite an replacement assessor through an "e-mail" link. 

The properties can be:

  • View my performance
  • Submit evaluations

The e-mail connection the the student account is time limited and can be revoked. 

Student Invitation

  • The student login to their course occasion
  • Go to Forms
  • Click on the button Share my data

  • Select an assessor from the dropdown menu Assessor (or create a new, bottom selection)
  • Select type of Access (May view my performance and/or May submit evaluation)
  • Fill out the Note: If you need to make a note, why you invited a temporary assessor
  • Click the button Save


  • The connection has been created, according to the image below.

The invitation mail to assessor

  • The assessor open their mail
  • Opens the mail from the sender Ortrac
  • Inside the mail, click at the button Log in here

No login required, the access to the student account will go through this e-mail until the en of the duration or if the access is revoked.

  • Click at the students name under the section View performance to look at the students collected data
  • To submit a from evaluation, click on a form under the section evaluate.

Student performance page

The assessor can do the following actions:

  • Click at a form and look at the submitted data
  • Filter the forms via the section to the right, containing modules

Student forms evaluation page

The assessor can do the following actions:

  • Click at a form and fillout and submit

Course administrator organize validated assessors


The course administrator can organize a course occasion  by adding validated assessors to a list and connect them to student(s) within a course occasion.

Add assessors to the program

  • Login to the program
  • Go to Forms/Assessors
  • Select the tab Approved

  • Click the button Import approved assessors
  • Select the sample file (Excel) in this article or use an own file (syntax under Sample section)
  • Match each column with the dropdown menus above each column
  • If your file contains a header select Yes, Skip first row
  • Select the Authorize assessors, to Yes to make them available to use within a course occasion
  • Click the button Perform Import

Connect assessors to students in a course occasion

Go to Courses/<course>/<course occasion

Go to Forms/Assessors

Click the button Add Assessors

Mark the assessor(s) with the left checkbox in front of the name in the list

Click the button, Grant Access

A popup windows appears.

  • Select student(s) via the Students dropdown menu
  • Select the type of Access: May view candidate performance/May evaluate candidates
  • Click the button Grant access

The result of the connection: (fick inget invitation mail)

Export the list of connections


Sample file

The syntax for the columns:

  • First name
  • Last name
  • E-mail
  • Unit
  • Position