This article describes how to tag a form 



To be able to use this service you need to do the following

  • Go to Blueprinting/Program layout
  • Click the <Program> (or <course>) you want to use to tag the form(s)
  • Click the button Edit tags

  • Click on a tag group you want to use for tagging forms
  • Click the button Settings (a window opens Edit category settings)
  • Check the box for Forms under Eligible items
  • Click the button Save

Create form

Create a form and tag the form:

  • Go to Forms/Forms
  • Click the button Create new form
  • Name the <form>
  • Set the Available for to a course (or several courses)
  • Click the button Save form

  • Click the button Edit tags (in the menu to the right, at the bottom)

The tag group you made available in the blueprint settings should appear as a selectable tag group choice.

  • Select one or several tags (depending on the tag group settings), to tag your form
  • Click the button Save