This article explains how the student/admin routines works within a course occasion.


General information

Inside a course occasion you work actively to manage the students. This work contains adding students, pause of students, rename students, working with groups, importing/exporting list with various information components.

Administrator is also an important part managing the course occasion, but is handled outside the course occasion, at the main user account level.


Within a course occasion, you manage the students and their progress.

Add a student to course occasion using SSO login

User management - Add a student to a course occasion using SSO

Add a student to course occasion (no SSO login)

User management - Add a student to a course occasion (no SSO)

Create a group for students

User management - Create a group

Manage student groups

User management - manage groups

Import/export of studentlists with group(s)

User management - Import/export of studentlists with group(s)

Send an e-mail to a group

User management - E-mail to group

Put a student in pause mode

User management: put a student in pause mode

Change a name of a student

User management - Change a name of a student inside Ortrac

Personal goals for the student

In the system a student can find a private section, to put personal notes/goals. No administrator can reach this section and if a student want to show their goal to teacher or similar, the student need to login and show their screen.

Students - Goals


Unders the Users menu, in the main section of Ortrac, you find all other users, expect students. This menu can add users to the system and grant them access to roles and also which context they should work in.

Add a user to become a teacher at a course

User management - Add a user/teacher to a course

Import an existing user

If you create an import of a userlist and one of the users already have a role in the system.

User management - Import existing user into the system

Remove a user

Sometimes, a user change their job, or just have any active roles within the Ortrac system.and you need to remove them from the system. It is also important to clean up old users, because if a user still have role(s) in the system, you need to pay for these accounts. 

User management - Remove a user

Change time & date format at your personal account

Sometimes, it can be annoying to see the time presented in a way you are not used to, read the article to solve this: 

User management - Change time & date format

Switch between programs

If you are an administrator and you work with a number of course occasions, spread over a number of programs, you need to switch context

User management - Switch between Curriculum / Program