This article describes the various features that are available when filling out a form.

MenuAll other settings here, this is where you will find the close button.

Form name
The name of the form
Toggle collapsed / expanded view
Toggles the view between expanded and collapsed. The collapsed allows more form fields to be visible at one time.

SeparatorA dotted line that indicates a new logical section of the form. The areas between the separators are "sections".

Form fieldsThe fields of the form. A field is either an item to be answered or a text with information.

Tag categoriesA list of tag categories, click on a category to see the corresponding available tags.

Assessor detailsChoose the role of the assessor, this will prompt a list with saved assessor's emails. A new assessor email can be added.

Submit buttonClick on this button to submit the evaluation. The button is only enabled if all required fields and tags have been filled out.