This article describes the profile drawer and the available settings for the app.

Profile imageDisplays the profile image used in Ortrac.

Drag to closeDrag the drawer downwards to close this menu.

Name and emailYour name and email as presented in Ortrac.

LogoutClick this to logout if you need to login with another account.

Collapsed/Expanded viewThis setting determines what your preferred default view for a form is. If you switch this setting on it will open the form in a more condensed view. You can toggle this in the form also, but this setting will determine how the app opens a form by default.
Split form into sectionsIf the form has separators, switching this setting on will present the items between the separators in different pages or sections. Otherwise all items will be presented in one list with separators represented by dotted lines.

Organisation / University logoThe logo of the university or organisation that you are currently logged into.
App versionThe version number of the app.