This article describes how to create a quiz.


General information

Quiz is a term for a simpler form of question testing. One can make quizzes to test students' knowledge through a slightly less formal process, than a real examination. You can either create a new quiz and collect questions from your question bank or you can create a quiz based on a completed examination.

Find menu

  • Go to Courses/<select course>/<course occasion>, left menu
  • Go to the menu Quizzes, in the course occasion

Create Quiz

  • Click the button  Create new quiz

You will now end up in an editing menu for the quiz, where different settings can be made.

Under the section Info:

  • URL is an information field where you see which URL you can reach the quiz on, can for example be included in an email to the student or a Content instruction on the student's start page.
  • Name - name of the quiz
  • Question order - do you want the questions to come in order for the student or ramdomized.
  • Feedback - depending on the purpose of the quiz, the student can get more or less feedback, back, none at all, just number right, or all right plus all the right answers.
  • Demo exam (no purpose here) select Disabled
  • Requre safe browser (inget syfte här) select No
  • Status - make the quiz available to students Published and listed
  • Module: here can choose which module the Quiz should be available for (it is possible to put available for several modules)

  • When all the settings are made, click on the button Save

  • Click the meny Exam layout 
  • Enter the number of questions that the quiz should contain
  • Click the button Save

Select questions

Write questions

If you switch over to the Questions tab, you have the opportunity to write questions / add questions to the quiz.

To write questions, click Write question button and select question type:

  • Single best answer
  • Multiple choice (many correct answers)
  • True or false
  • Extended matching
  • Viva
  • Free text (essay)
  • Evaluation question
  • Short answer

Notice: Depending on the license you have, different choices come up

Select question

  • If you do not want to write questions but have a number of questions in your question bank, you can choose to find questions in the database.
  • Click Browse button
  • Click in the checkbox for each question and when all questions are selected
  • Click on the button on the right Add to Quiz
  • Click the button Save

Submissions/quizzes taken

If you switch over to the Submissions tab, you will see how many times the students have taken the quiz, at the Event you have made quizzes available.

Find Quiz

When all the work is done with your quiz, it can be good to know where it is located

  • Gå till Course/<course occasion>
  • Click the Quizzies, to find your quiz

Here you can see what its status is, so you published it or forgot them in Draft mode. Pulished needs the setting to be for students to start using it.

Quiz as a student

When you have published the quiz, the following things happen on the student's page. He logs in as usual in Ortrac and on the home page Dashboard / Portfolio you will find that in the Content section the number of quizzes has now increased.

  • Click on the ring with Quiz to go to the quiz OR go to the Content menu in the left menu
  • Click on the new quiz in the list

The quiz starts, you navigate as below:

  • Move between queries array on the right
  • Bookmark for questions, bottom left
  • Text size in the upper right
  • Click image to enlarge
  • Time does not exist as a component of quizzes

Result settings, what kind of feedback the student should receive, there were not at all, only their points and the choice shown down here, the student's answer, as well as the correct answer. The student's answer is marked with a pencil, while the correct answer is marked with a green checkmark.