The article describes how to merge two user accounts into one, one of which will be cancelled, not using SSO login

But this measure is taken if someone has two user accounts in the system and only wants one left, then you can merge the accounts, as shown below


Find the menu

  • Go to the Users menu on the left


Merge two accounts

  • In the Context right dropdown menu, select the course that the student is in.

  • In the student list for the course, click on the student account you want to merge with another account. Be sure to know the email address of the account you want to merge, to.

A new view will appear with the status of the selected student.

  • Click the Merge Account button

  • Enter the email address of the account you want to keep. 
  • Press the Proceed to step 2 button

  • A new window will pop up informing you of which courses the old account had access to. Click the Merge accounts button 

As a result, the old account, the one you clicked on initially, now no longer exists. This is marked in the list by crossing out the account. You now log in with the account you pointed to and now that account has access to the old account's rights as well.